Not Everyone On TikTok Is About That Productive 5-9 Life

Here’s your inspo to ~do nothing~.

Some TikTokers are all about a non-morning routine for their 5 to 9.

Social media seems to love mornings. Just look at the uber-productive “5-9” routines — a trend beloved by folks who willingly wake up at dawn to organize their life to a T. They hit the gym, drink water, pop vitamins, cook breakfast, make their bed, vacuum, and complete a full skin and hair care routine in the four hours before work. It’s a lot, which is why some TikTokers are embracing the non-5-to-9 life instead.

The 5-to-9 trend has over 4 billion views on TikTok, so it’s clear people love to get up early and get organized before their 9-to-5. If you’re one of them, more power to you. There’s something very “that girl” about a complex morning routine that starts before sunrise, but you have to admit it isn’t 100% relatable. In fact, there’s a growing number of TikTokers who are showing off their own take on the 5-to-9 trend and filming hilariously unaesthetic videos of themselves doing the exact opposite: staying in bed, snoozing through their alarms, and scrolling on their phone. These folks aren’t about to get up and make a smoothie, and they certainly aren’t going to exercise or do a load of laundry before work — and this is #waymorerelatable.

Creator @margaretskiff posted a video — that now has over 3 million views — in which she shows her anti-morning-routine rituals. This entails sleeping in till her alarm goes off at 8:30, scrolling social media and playing games on her phone until 9, and then putting on “something work appropriate” over the clothes she slept in before taking two steps to her desk where she sits down to WFH. (Same.)

Is her outfit an influencer-approved matching set from Aritzia, like the kind you’d see in many 5-to-9 routines? Nope, just a crumpled sweatshirt, presumably grabbed from the floor. Also not pictured: a fancy breakfast, glass of lemon water, or completed to-do list. The video has already racked up over 410,000 likes, which goes to show how many people relate to lying in bed until the last possible moment.

You can skip the 5-to-9 altogether, or you can pare it down. TikToker @cameraonkira has a more relatable morning routine that involves casually making her bed before assembling a breakfast sandwich. She then eats it while watching Netflix.

While 5-to-9s are great for some, they certainly aren’t necessary — or even doable — for everyone. If you aren’t a morning person, you don’t have to be. You can still have a perfectly respectable day and enjoy your morning a bit more if you hit snooze — and you won’t be the only one doing so.