11 Photos Of The Fatal Attraction TV Cast Vs. Their 1987 Movie Counterparts

A new version of the erotic thriller has arrived on Paramount+ — featuring new changes and some very familiar scenes, too.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction.' Photo via Getty Images
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Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan in the 'Fatal Attraction' TV series. Photo via Paramount+

Michael Moriatis/Paramount+

Nearly 40 years after the original Fatal Attraction film, a new Paramount+ TV series revisits the erotic thriller about a dangerous affair. Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson star as Alex Forrest and Dan Gallagher — the roles originated by Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in 1987.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction.' Screenshot via Prime Video

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While many story elements stay the same, others are very different — such as the nature of Dan and Alex’s affair. “The series does not present Dan as an innocent bystander for whom a crazy person is trying to wreck his life,” Jackson recently told Bustle. “He is way more culpable.”